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Texas A&M Study Shows Ice Melt In Antarctica Aided By Warm Ocean Currents


The melting rate of certain glaciers in Antarctica is unmistakably accelerating and the most direct link to global warming is in the unknown adjustment of the surrounding Southern Ocean. That leads to not only an uncertain future stability of the icy continent but also raises questions about the pace of sea level rise around the world, according to work by a Texas A&M University researcher.


Whole Foods Market® named ‘the leading national retailer’ in personal care products

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics praises company’s Premium Body Care™ and organic labeling guidelines

Whole Foods Market has been named the highest ranked retailer for personal care product safety in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ Retailer Report.

In the report released, the company is commended for implementing “a rigorous and transparent approach to screening the personal care products it sells.”


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