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Preventing Another Disaster Like Gatlinburg's

Experts say Historic Gatlinburg Wildfires Related to Climate ChangeExperts say Historic Wildfires Related to Climate Change

Thousands of residents and business owners are returning to their properties, or what's left of them, today, after historic wildfires swept through Gatlinburg on Monday night. While they confront the losses and cleanup ahead, there's talk about what advanced the fires so quickly and what could be done to prevent them.


Trees for Troops – Delivering the Holidays for the Military

Trees for Troops – Delivering the Holidays for the Military18,000 Fresh Christmas Trees to be Shipped to U.S. Service Members and Families

FedEx Corp. and the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation are joining forces again for a special delivery to America’s service members and their families with the Trees for Troops program.

Since the Trees for Troops program launched in 2005, FedEx has shipped more than 176,000 real Christmas trees to service members and their families—covering every branch of the military at close to 65 bases in 17 countries.


Groups Oppose TVA’s Coal Ash Cover Up Plan as Public Comment Period Ends

TVA Could Finalize Plan within Days to Permanently Leave Coal Ash Pollution in Place Despite Threats to Drinking Water


Several groups issued a final appeal to TVA to reverse course on a controversial plan to permanently cover up millions of tons of coal ash in leaking, unlined pits in or adjacent to rivers in Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky— a stark contrast to utilities in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia that are moving coal ash away from waterways and into lined storage.


Drinking Water Supplies for Over 2 Million People in Tennessee at Risk under TVA’s Plan to Cover up Leaking Coal Ash

Drinking Water Intakes are Downstream from Leaking, Unlined Sites TVA Proposes to Cover up Instead of Cleanup

Drinking water supplies for 2.3 million people in Tennessee are downstream from leaking, unlined coal ash sites located on or in rivers that TVA proposes to cover up and let pollute rivers and groundwater indefinitely, according to a map released today by the Southern Environmental Law Center.


TVA Board Member: Manufacturers Will Benefit from Clean Power Plan

While the issue of clean energy was just one of the myriad of topics discussed at last night's presidential debate, a new study finds that it should be top of mind for big business in the state. Specifically, researchers found that manufacturers will see significant savings over time as the president's Clean Power Plan is implemented.

Dr. Marilyn Brown, a Tennessee Valley Authority Board member, and the study's author said, "Industry is the one sector of the economy that uses the most fossil fuels directly on site so the pollution consequences of large-scale growth of industry is more concerning than large-scale growth of say household consumption."


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