The City of Greenville has hired a team of consultants from Woolpert; Brown and Caldwell; and Vaughn & Melton to develop a Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan to address flooding and water quality improvements for the Reedy River Watershed and the city as a whole. Field work will begin this month and is expected to continue through the end of the year. While survey crews will be working in several different areas throughout the city to collect data, efforts will be focused in the Laurel Creek Watershed, which includes Verdae, CUICAR, and the Woodruff Road area, to start.


Vaughn & Melton crews will be surveying stormwater conveyance systems like pipes, inlets, manholes, channels, and streams. While most are located within the public right-of-way, in some cases, survey personnel may need to traverse side or rear property lines or along creeks and natural drainage ways to gather the required information. This may include entering fenced and gated areas on private property. Additionally, Brown and Caldwell crews will be evaluating current watershed and stream conditions, which includes walking the creek, taking measurements and field notes, collecting water samples, etc. Both crews will work diligently to ensure that no private property is disturbed in conjunction with any of these activities.

The Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan will provide a framework for the City to ensure its stormwater infrastructure, stormwater program, and capital planning are consistent with the City’s expectations and priorities, as well as those of regulatory agencies. Once completed, the Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan will include the following components: stormwater asset management program; water quality monitoring plan; watershed model; and a plan for improving watershed conditions, including a prioritized list of projects to be implemented through the City’s capital improvement plan.