Solarize GreenvilleSolarize Greenville seeks to improve solar permitting, solar options education and provide bulk pricing on solar installations

Solarize Greenville will host a launch event on March 2nd, 2017 at the Hughes Main Library, 25 Heritage Green Pl, Greenville, SC 29601. The event will start at 6:30 pm. Solarize Greenville is following the in the footsteps of other Solarize programs around the country. The goal for Solarize Greenville is smooth the permitting process, educate the community on how they can support solar in a variety of ways and to provide an option for community bulk purchasing of solar for their homes and businesses.


Solarize programs have been active for several years now and are proving to be a highly successful model for more solar installed in communities across the country.  The Solarize model has been implemented in a variety of ways but most have seen large increases of installed solar in the participating communities.

Russell Siefert, President, Creative Solar Southeast Image credit: Kathryn IngallThe standard model includes three key elements: policy, education, and community. Solarize Greenville will work to achieve all three of these goals.

The chosen installer for the program is Creative Solar Southeast, based in Cayce, South Carolina. “The reason Creative Solar Southeast was formed was to provide communities the benefits of solar,” said Russell Siefert, President. “Solarize programs allow us to not only install solar but to sink deep into a community to help make better energy consumers and reduce the costs of solar.”

The program is seeking volunteers to serve on the advisory board and is available for presentations throughout the length of the program. Visit to enroll in the program or request a speaker.