The City of Greenville received a report of a wastewater overflow behind 417 Woods Lake Road yesterday and upon investigation, Public Works crews discovered that a wastewater manhole was overflowing and wastewater was entering Laurel Creek. They subsequently opened the blocked wastewater main, repaired the overflow and cleaned up both the spill area and the creek.

While investigating the overflow, they discovered another wastewater leak upstream, which apparently resulted from a damaged wastewater main. The damage appears to be the result of erosion in the area of the creek where the wastewater main is located. Crews are now in the process of repairing the leak and will continue their research into the cause of the issues in that area.

As a precautionary measure, they have placed signs in the vicinity of the creek where the overflow occurred and ask the public to avoid contact with the water in Laurel Creek for the time being. Samples of the water are being tested and the signs will be removed pending the results of the water test.