Remove Uninvited Pests from the Summer Barbeque with FlyPunch!®Aunt Fannie’s™ natural, non-toxic pesticide provides protection from seasonal pests

Imagine it: A summer barbeque.  The backyard is prepared with a hot, seasoned grill, open bottles of wine and beer, and summer’s bounty of ripe, sweet fruits, fresh vegetables, with a vast assortment of homemade pies. Then without warning, uninvited guests arrive - often in swarms. Fruit flies! Everywhere! The meticulously planned and arranged summer gathering is ruined. Troublesome fruit flies are more than just an unwelcome intruder, as they are also known carriers of disease causing bacteria such as E.coli and other food borne illnesses[1].


What is a good host supposed to do?

Prevent a Fruit Fly Assault, Naturally.

Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch! ( is an effective, non-toxic fruit fly solution that is affordable, easy, and safe for use around food. As the end-of-summer harvest approaches, fruit fly infestations are likely to show up at barbeques, but also in home gardens and kitchens. Instead of reaching for out-dated, harmful vapors or toxic pesticides, grab a jar of FlyPunch! Just set it near the flies, sit back, and watch it go to work.

“Living in South Carolina has its perks, but summer fruit flies are definitely not one of them. I wanted a fly-free kitchen, but wasn’t comfortable using the toxic sprays and harmful pesticides commonly found on the shelves today, and so FlyPunch! was born,” explains Aunt Fannie’s CEO and founder, Mat Franken. “It’s a fast, easy-to-use, effective solution to fruit flies, and most importantly safe around food.”

FlyPunch! comes in a 6oz. ready assembled Dive Jar that is affordably priced at $7.99.  FlyPunch! is sold at most leading health food stores and available directly at:

Summer barbeques are special occasions when family and friends can gather for good food and should not be ruined by something so easily addressed as fruit flies.  FlyPunch! provides an easy, fast, and non-toxic solution to protect the party from germ spreading pests without using dangerous chemicals, vapors or strips. Dig in and have fun!

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