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Giant Rate Hike by Duke Energy Must Be Openly Debated, NC WARN tells Regulators and Attorney General

NC WARN is urging state regulators to break their pattern of settling rate cases and mergers with Duke Energy behind closed doors.  The long-running practice undercuts the public wellbeing and gives the utility exactly what it really wants – covered by a thin pretense of regulatory oversight.  We are also calling on Attorney General Josh Stein not to be drawn into backroom negotiations, and instead to stand up for the public against allowing Duke’s attempt to recover billions in coal ash clean-up costs that were caused by its executives’ illegal actions. 



EPA Stalls on Toxins in Drinking Water from Coal Ash Ruling

Comments by the Southern Environmental Law Center on behalf of twenty-eight conservation groups regarding EPA’s proposal to postpone important protections for communities and their drinking water supplies from toxic metals in coal ash pollution following a March 24, 2017 request by lobbyists representing utilities notorious for their mishandling of toxic-laden coal ash are available here.


Solar Farm Company Announces More 500MW Project Portfolios for Sale

Innovative Solar Systems, LLC has just announced that the company has several new large portfolios of Utility Scale Solar Farms for Sale. The project portfolios range in size from 300MW's to well over 1GW. The individual portfolios include Solar Farms in the 20MW to 100MW size with PPA's ranging in terms from 10 years to 25 years. ISS has a yearly revolving pipeline of over 10GW's in 35 states and typically when the company sells project portfolios that are ready for the sale the projects sell fast due to the fact that Innovative only develops high quality, high return projects with lower build costs, higher PPA terms and better overall returns for the investors that purchase these deals.


Biodiversity Loss From Deep-Sea Mining Will Be Unavoidable

Biodiversity losses from deep-sea mining are unavoidable and possibly irrevocable, an international team of 15 marine scientists, resource economists and legal scholars argue in a letter published today in the journal Nature Geoscience.
The experts say the International Seabed Authority (ISA), which is responsible under the UN Law of the Sea for regulating undersea mining in areas outside national jurisdictions, must recognize this risk. They say it must also communicate the risk clearly to its member states and the public to inform discussions about whether deep-seabed mining should proceed, and if so, what standards and safeguards need to be put into place to minimize biodiversity loss.


North Carolina solar bill may help breweries go solar, but not Google

From Google to breweries to the state’s flagship university, big electricity users with big renewable energy goals in North Carolina

From Google to breweries to the state’s flagship university, big electricity users with big renewable energy goals in North Carolina face a key dilemma: Duke Energy, the only power supplier in most of the state, still sells predominantly fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Now, these institutions say House Bill 589, the wide-ranging solar bill by Reps. John Szoka (R-Cumberland) and Dean Arp (R-Union), will begin to help some of them overcome this fundamental challenge – but not all.


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