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Consumer Alliance Warns of a Doubling of Electricity Rates under Duke Energy’s Business Plan

Economists say a proposed “annual rate hike bill” to fund new nuclear plants would be an interest-free loan to Duke from ratepayers – without saving any money

A new study by energy economists warns that North Carolina customers will see power bills skyrocket if legislators allow Duke Energy Progress to begin raising rates to pay for new nuclear reactors that would open in 2024 at best. The consumer alliance that fought off such legislation over the past two years said today that Duke’s business plan to build unneeded power plants could almost double rates by 2019 with another 50% increase over the following decade, severely impacting the state’s economy.


Did Duke CEO and Top Regulator Break the Law by Cutting Deal on Merger Scandal?

NC WARN urges Attorney General Cooper to investigate improper negotiations, citing similar deal that led to felony case against Indiana utilities commissioner

Last week the Charlotte Observer published an interview in which Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers said he had resolved the major scandal following his acquisition of Progress Energy by personally negotiating the settlement with NC Utilities Commission Chairman Ed Finley. Today NC WARN called on state Attorney General Roy Cooper to investigate that negotiation, which we believe was an unlawful communication that led to a multi-billion dollar miscarriage of justice against North Carolina’s electricity customers.


Boxman Studios Launches Buildings Division


Created to support the growing need for sustainable infrastructure in urban corridors, the Buildings Division is dedicated to the Built Environment


Boxman Studios, the recognized leader in modified shipping containers, has launched a new division aimed at sustainable solutions for the Built Environment. The Boxman Studios Buildings Division will focus on the adaptive use of decommissioned shipping containers as architectural elements and even complete buildings.

The company hired veteran sales director Jim Curtis to manage its foray into the Built Environment sector. "Here at Boxman Studios we are fascinated with what we can do with shipping containers. In the right hands, these big metal boxes are extremely pliable," says Curtis. "With our success in the Events and Trade Show industries since 2008, we're perfectly positioned to move into the built environment with a narrative of unique design, modularity, flexibility, and value."


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