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Krull & Company Announces Formation of New Registered Investment Advisory Firm Earth Equity Advisors

Earth Equity Advisors: Pete and NeillKrull & Company, a responsible investment and planning firm based in Asheville and serving a national clientele, unveils its new name and RIA formation to reflect its growth strategy

Asheville-based Krull & Company recently announced their socially and environmentally responsible investment management firm will continue to grow with a new name: Earth Equity Advisors. The company is also now an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

“We are excited to transition to both the new RIA and the Earth Equity name,” says Pete Krull, CEO and founder. “The new name is a great representation of what we do and who we are – it’s a name that is built to last.”


SELC: Kitty Hawk Offshore Wind Lease Sale

“Today’s action by the U.S. Department of the Interior accelerates responsible renewable energy development off the coast of North Carolina. ”

“If developed responsibly, offshore wind energy promises to generate not only clean electricity, but also jobs and economic growth. This clean, renewable energy resource has the potential to create tens of thousands of jobs in North Carolina in the coming decades, while coexisting with the thriving ocean-based industries that create billions of dollars in GDP for the state, including tourism, recreation, and commercial fishing.


3 U.S. Businesses Recognized for "Green" Pet and Animal Products

Small Businesses in New York, California and North Carolina Named 'Top Dogs.'

Three small green businesses offering green pet and animal products in New York, California and North Carolina, today were announced as the winners of Green America's "People & Planet Award." The winners of $5,000 prizes are: The Honest Kitchen in San Diego, CA and Front Yard Coop in Asheville, NC. The grand prize winner, Full Circle Seed, will receive $10,000 in recognition of having received the highest number of votes.


US Solar Farm Developer Selling Off 300MW Blocks of Crown Jewel Projects

US Solar Farm Developer Selling Off 300MW Blocks of Projects Innovative Solar Systems is a large scale solar farm project developer based in Asheville, NC and has just announced that the company is offering 300MW blocks of solar farms for sale. These crown jewel projects are from the company's current 10GW pipeline in the US.  ISS was ranked #4 by Solar Word last year and the company will easily be ranked #1 this year due to the companies explosive 20X rapid expansion. Currently the company has approximately 180 projects in development stage in over 22 states. The current projects for sale range in size from 20MW to 200MW. By offering buyers pre-packaged 300MW portfolios of solar farm projects the company will complete expansion plans sooner than expected while the company then prepares for an Equity Sale in 2017.


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