Two 2017 Good Food Award recipients Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World

Two Animal Welfare Approved products received national awards at the 2017 Good Food Awards ceremony, in recognition of their leading contribution to creating sustainable, delicious and vibrant food economies across the U.S.

  • Sam Suchoff of The Pig Restaurant and Lady Edison in Chapel Hill, NC, won a Good Food Award for Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham, an 18-month aged savory ham, made using pasture-raised, Animal Welfare Approved pork from farmers in the North Carolina Natural Hog Growers' Association.
  • Lucas and Louisa Farrell of Big Picture Farm in Townshend, VT, won a Good Food Award for their Farmstead Chocolate Covered Caramels, confections made using Animal Welfare Approved milk from their pasture-raised dairy goats.

Animal Welfare Approved is a program of A Greener World, respected third-party certifier and the nonprofit home of America's leading food labels. Acknowledged by Consumer Reports as the only "highly meaningful" food label for farm animal welfare, outdoor access, and sustainability, Animal Welfare Approved is one of the nation's Top 5 fastest growing food label claims according to SPINS, a leading industry analyst. In the last year, AWA farmers and products won over 20 major awards at regional and national food competitions, demonstrating the clear link between high-welfare, pasture-based management and the quality and taste of the dairy, meat, and eggs the animals produce. Animal Welfare Approved products have received Good Food Awards every year since 2013. 

The 2017 Good Food Awards ceremony took place on January 20 at the Herbst Theater in the San Francisco War Memorial. Winners were selected from over 2,059 entries; and all 193 winners were vetted to confirm they meet specific Good Food Awards standards--including environmentally sound agriculture practices, good animal husbandry, transparency and responsible relationships throughout the supply chain.

2017 Good Food Awards winner Sam Suchoff of The Pig and Lady Edison says,

"Winning a 2017 Good Food Award is a huge honor. Our Lady Edison Extra Fancy Country Ham is a manifestation of modern high-welfare, sustainable hog farming practices and the highest quality pasture-raised meat with the time-honored tradition of curing and hanging hams. I am proud to work with the Animal Welfare Approved farmers in the North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association, and to share this award with them."

2017 Good Food Awards winners Lucas and Louisa Farrell of Big Picture Farm say,

"Winning a Good Food Award is a huge honor for us at Big Picture Farm. Following a blind taste testing of the products, all winners also go through a rigorous review of the all of the ingredients to make sure that each one is sourced as responsibly as possible. We wouldn't have it any other way and it is such a treat to be recognized for doing so. We work so hard to ensure we have the tastiest Animal Welfare Approved milk and are pleased that the end results - our caramels - also end up being honored for their exceptional quality."

A Greener World Director of Outreach Emily Moose says,

"It's no coincidence: High-welfare, sustainable farming equals great tasting, award winning food. These awards demonstrate the link between high levels of animal care, good environmental management and the quality of food produced. Animal Welfare Approved was our flagship certification, and continues to be a mark of quality and integrity in the marketplace."

In addition to claiming two 2017 Good Food Awards, Animal Welfare Approved products are also winning taste tests among top chefs: Nearly one in five of the top 100 U.S. restaurants listed in a recent Opinionated About Dining survey proudly serve AWA products. 

For more information about the Good Food Awards--and a full list of 2017 winners--visit For more information about Animal Welfare Approved, including a glimpse of the brand new logo-which encompasses the wide-ranging benefits and services offered through the AWA program and certification, visit