Georgia Telework Summit to be held at Loudermilk Conference Center Aug. 22

Managing Georgia’s transportation issues has been a hot topic in 2012, but there’s one solution that everyone agrees on: telework. Approved by business leaders, politicians and transportation experts, telework is an efficient way to reduce traffic and boost economic productivity. That’s why The Clean Air Campaign and Governor Nathan Deal are calling on employers and commuters to support the third annual Georgia Telework Week, Aug. 20-24.


During this week, The Clean Air Campaign is asking commuters and employers to log onto, learn about the numerous benefits of this business strategy, and show their support. The organization is also encouraging employers to take advantage of its free consulting services and resources.

A special Telework Summit on Aug. 22 will provide insight and guidance for employers looking to implement a telework program or build on the success of their current efforts. The event features panelists from ADP, Ista, Assurant, the Centers for Disease Control and Georgia Department of Administrative Services, and is tailored to both private and public sector employers. It will take place at the Loudermilk Center, 40 Courtland Street, Atlanta, Ga. 30303.

“Teleworking makes employees happy. Happy employees are motivated to go the extra mile, which makes for happy clients. It's a simple equation,” said Mac Peden, senior vice president at ADP. “In addition to reducing commute times and costs for our associates, having a telework program in place also allows us to leverage savings on real estate expenses because we no longer need as much office space. We are pleased to join with The Clean Air Campaign to celebrate the third annual Georgia Telework Week.”

With more than half of smog-forming emissions coming from the tailpipes of cars in several metro areas in Georgia, telework helps to improve air quality by reducing vehicle miles on the road and pollution in the air. In metro Atlanta, for instance, about 336,000 commuters telework at least once a week, eliminating some 12 million miles of vehicle travel from the roads and 6,000 tons of pollution from the air.

The Clean Air Campaign has been a national leader in its innovative approach to telework since launching its Telework Leadership Initiative in 2003. Since then, the not-for-profit organization has helped more than 250 Georgia employers start or expand telework programs.

“Georgia is unquestionably one of the leading states in the nation when it comes to empowering employees to work from home,” said Tedra Cheatham, executive director for The Clean Air Campaign. “Even though the region’s employers are leading the telework charge nationally, there’s still more opportunity for growth. Currently 11 percent of commuters who do not telework are interested in starting. That’s another 242,000 people who could be eliminating their commute, at least occasionally.”

To join ADP, Assurant, Ista, the Centers for Disease Control and hundreds of other organizations across Georgia, commuters and employers can pledge their support at and also register for the 2012 Georgia Telework Summit.