DeKalb County and the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta partnered to create a stormwater patch. The new patch was created to help Girl Scouts learn about the important role citizens play in keeping county streams and rivers healthy and clean.


Stormwater comes from precipitation events, enters the storm drain system and empties into water bodies such as streams, rivers and lakes. Polluted stormwater is one of the biggest problems facing water resources around the country.   

To earn the badge, Girl Scouts must complete five steps and participate in activities about stormwater, watersheds, pollution, science in the field and share new information. Activities include creating rain barrels, visiting natural environments, creating stormwater art and shadowing a stormwater professional. 

Last month, the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners presented the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta with a proclamation celebrating the partnership aimed at creating stormwater ambassadors for DeKalb County. The DeKalb County Roads and Drainage Department led the partnership and hopes that the patch will be used by Girl Scouts across the region to help increase knowledge about stormwater systems in their communities.