Management at The Meridian at Redwine suspected something wasn’t right with the Metro Atlanta apartment complex’s power bill. It seemed much too high, but they were unsure what to do about it until they learned about PowerEnfo™.

In October 2016, they read about Empower Energy Technology in CIO Review, a California-based technology magazine that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established providers. The article lauded Atlanta-based Empower for its innovative, user-friendly PowerEnfo™ energy monitoring system. So, they reached out to the company about The Meridian’s billing problem.

Now, they are $15,000 better off for the effort.

PowerEnfo™ delivers simplified energy information to business owners looking to lower energy costs and increase energy efficiency. This web-based technology provides real-time energy data, allowing business owners to monitor their energy use, as well as any on-site solar PV production.

PowerEnfo™ Locates the Problem

PowerEnfo™’s analytic platform deconstructs the client’s energy data and presents it in an organized format, Empower CEO Mark Bell said.

“PowerEnfo™ allows business owners to understand how energy flows throughout their site at every moment of the day,” Bell said. “Such real-time energy monitoring and analysis enables any business owner to see clearly all the patterns that drive their enterprise’s energy consumption.”

For The Meridian, data analysts at Empower Energy Technology compared the data collected by PowerEnfo™ with monthly billing consumption information provided by the utility. Empower analysts saw a significant and consistent discrepancy between the two data sets: the utility was claiming monthly kWh values that were exactly double the kWh documented by PowerEnfo™.

Solution Provides The Meridian a Year’s Worth of Power Bills

Armed with documented, accurate information on the billing discrepancy, the site owner met with representatives of the utility service provider and the technicians at Empower. In less than an hour, the group pinpointed the cause of the discrepancy: the utility had installed incorrectly sized current transformers. As a result its kWh multiplier was off by a factor of two.

With this finding, the utility agreed to reimburse The Meridian at Redwine more than $15,000, just over one year’s worth of doubled bills.

“The Empower analysts were great at recognizing the billing discrepancy and then holding the utility accountable to ensure that we received a proper credit,” said Property Owner Michael Cowart.

PowerEnfo™ Monitoring Controls Energy Costs

As The Meridian management has learned, understanding your business’ energy flows can make a significant difference in budget balance. Energy costs are a constant for virtually every industry, and monitoring how energy flows throughout your business can highlight valuable opportunities to reduce your expenses and boost your bottom line.

And while PowerEnfo™ is useful for tracking every energy source, it is especially useful for those with on-site solar PV production. Its analytics can show how much solar generation is consumed on-site versus the solar generation sold back to the utility – not to mention alerts which will notify the facility contact of an underperforming solar array or a malfunctioning inverter.

Any business that can’t afford to waste money through energy costs can benefit from energy monitoring. PowerEnfo™ makes that easy and, as The Meridian management now knows, worth the investment.

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