DeKalb County is committed to promoting environmental sustainability, with the single-stream recycling program being a critical component of the County’s environmental stewardship efforts. The quality of recyclable materials collected from residents and commercial accounts is an important consideration of the County’s recycling program. The County has offered single-stream recycling collection service to its residents for over 10 years, and will continue to offer this service as a courtesy to residents. However, keeping recyclable materials free of contaminants, particularly glass, is a growing and critical concern not only for the County, but the state of Georgia and the entire nation.


The glass recycling sort-separation process makes glass an important recyclable material. Separating glass from other recyclable materials is the most effective way to recycle it. This approach is similar to the sort-separation process for plastic bags at drop-off locations such as department and grocery stores.

The DeKalb County Sanitation Division encourages residents to continue recycling glass. In light of the County’s sort-separation glass recycling position, the Sanitation Division has identified and recommends the following sort-separation glass recycling drop-off locations:


Central DeKalb                                                                 Central DeKalb

Target - Private                                                                 Your DeKalb Farmers Market - Private

4241 LaVista Road                                                            3000 E Ponce de Leon Avenue

Tucker, GA 30084                                                             Decatur, GA 30030


Southwest DeKalb                                                          South DeKalb

Target - Private                                                                 DeKalb County Seminole Road Landfill

1275 Caroline Street NE                                                 203 Clevemont Road

Atlanta, GA 30307                                                            Ellenwood, GA 30294


The Sanitation Division is currently researching additional glass recycling drop-off centers. Residents who are unable to use one of the aforementioned glass recycling locations can continue placing glass in their single-stream recycling until further notice. The Sanitation Division is developing an official glass recycling drop-off program, which will provide county-approved glass recycling centers in strategic locations throughout the County, with at least one in each commission district. Glass recycling resources will include secure and easily identifiable outdoor drop-off containers.

Once the process has been fully vetted and all necessary approvals are in place, an implementation schedule outlining the County’s official glass recycling program will be made available to the public.