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Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Provides Update on Previously Filed Patent Application "Atmospheric Energy Extraction Devices & Methods"

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. provides an update on a previously filed patent application that is of significant importance to the Company. Last year, Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. announced that the Company had filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office "A Petition to Make Special under the Accelerated Examination Program" a patent application titled Atmospheric Energy Extraction Devices and Methods. This application covered the addition of specific external design components, physical structure and systems that both substantially enhance structural integrity of the Tower and captures wind directly striking the external vertical surfaces of the Downdraft Tower from any direction, beyond those winds already induced into the internal tube of the tower, substantially increasing total power generation of a single unit.


Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. Develops Energy Calculator

Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. announced that it has developed a software based analytical program to determine the energy generation capabilities of its Downdraft Towers based on the climate in geographic locations around the world, and is taking appropriate steps to protect its new intellectual property invention.


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