The ballots have been cast and the votes are in! The New Hope Network content team and a panel of industry judges have chosen 25 NEXTY Award winners for Natural Products Expo East 2016. We believe these products show truly creative thinking and execution; adhere to a mission with wide-reaching potential; or take a new approach to clean ingredients, sustainability or transparency.


The winners were presented with their awards last week at Expo East.

Here is the list of Southeast Winners:

Best New Beverage  Tio Gazpacho - Florida

Tio Gazpacho - Florida
Is soup the next drink? Is savory really a flavor for a beverage? Tio Gazpacho answers a resounding yes to both questions. It tastes about like you’d expect of a drink with “gazpacho” in the name, but the surprise is how refreshing it feels to sip soup from a bottle. Maybe it’s the recipe or maybe it’s the presentation, but Tio Gazpacho will open the soup-as-beverage category to many a curious consumer.

Best New Meat or Seafood Product  Milton’s Local Bacon Sausage - Virginia

Best New Meat or Seafood Product

Milton’s Local Bacon Sausage - Virginia
Milton's Local retail line debuted at Natural Products Expo East in 2015 with their thick-cut bacon. When the bacon is packaged, its ends are trimmed to maintain consistency. In their effort to maintain sustainability and reduce food waste, Milton’s Local captures all that flavorful goodness and re-grinds the bacon ends with other all-natural ground pork and spices to make a premium sausage that features flavorful bits of crispy bacon. Milton’s Local products are raised on multi-generational family farms without the use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids and they don’t use any artificial nitrates, nitrites, gluten or MSG.

Best New Meat Alternative  Good Seed Curried Sweet Potato Hempseed Burger - Texas