Georgia’s elected utility-monitoring agency, the Public Service Commission, made sure Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa all came in for Georgia Power by granting the company a construction continuance of the incredibly unpopular Plant Vogtle this morning in a unanimous 5-0 politically-charged public vote.


“Georgia Power got what they wanted. This decision means even more money will be poured down the bottomless rat hole of the unneeded Plant Vogtle. The main concern of the PSC and Georgia Power now is how best to put a positive spin on the costly boondoggle. But the people of Georgia are fed up with the long stream of rationalizations and broken promises about Vogtle. It’s time we had Commissioners with the fortitude to place blame where it belongs and start protecting electricity customers. The relationship between the PSC and the utility is just too cozy,” said John Noel, an energy efficiency company owner and Democratic candidate for PSC.

Noel continued, “For most people when the facts of a situation change so does their opinion. Here with a nearly doubling of cost and timeline and 16 prior votes cementing it, the one fact the voters know is that they want change. And they’ll get it in November of next year.”

John Noel is a longtime Riverside homeowner in NW Atlanta, and for nearly 20 years has been the successful owner and President of Energy + Environment LLC, a national energy efficiency contracting company headquartered in Georgia. E+E specializes in making businesses and large facilities “leaner and greener” by providing a full menu of energy efficiency options. They were pioneers in the LED lighting space, implementing cost saving lighting retrofits years before the technology became the norm.

John served in the Georgia legislature in the early 2000’s, representing parts of NW Atlanta. While there, he co-sponsored the first LEED construction bill for state buildings and was a leading fighter for environmental causes in Georgia. John’s home is largely solar and battery powered. John and his partner, Wendy, live in their renovated Riverside home with their dog, Sydney.

This morning’s vote was non Docket 29849: PSC’s 5-0 decision to approve continued construction on Plant Vogtle.