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MAGE SOLAR and SALT complete off-grid installation on historical island in Florida Keys

5 acre island realizes Phase I of solar development; Solar replaces diesel-generator for clean energy

The 24 kW solar array is located in between the Old Seven Mile Bridge and the new Seven Mile Bridge and is elevated to allow use as a covered pavilion for picnics and meeting. Underground electrical wires carry the solar energy produced to the charger/inverter equipment and 48-volt storage batteries 500 feet on the opposite side of the island. © Andy Newman

MAGE SOLAR, a turn-key provider of optimally coordinated PV solutions, and SALT Service Inc. completed a 24 kW PV-system with battery backup on a historical island in the idyllic Florida Keys.

Pigeon Key is located between Key West and Key Largo and well known as a paradise for snorkelers with its pristine turquoise waters and fascinating sea life. In sight of US Highway 1 it is accessible only by waterway or through a 2.2 mile pedestrian bridge. Without any connection to the power grid, the island—like many off-grid locations in the Keys—is dependent on diesel generators for electricity. The fuel for these generators typically had to be transported by ferry from the mainland which had been not only a rather expensive but also extremely risky transport environmentally in the delicate ecosystem of the Keys.


The Green Can is recycling for the benefit of mankind

In Florida, as in many places, recycling is not mandatory. Many things in life are not financially profitable, however that doesn't mean they are not the correct thing to do. Recycling typically falls into this category. The Green Can has found a way to correct this social issue and others at the same time.

The Green Can offer free recycling to apartment/condo complexes and businesses and then donate all of the proceeds to local charities. What finances this philanthropic endeavor is advertising or sponsorship money.


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