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Mirabella Homes "LEED" to Huge Savings for Home Buyers

Mirabella Broadcast

Linda Lawrence was stunned when she opened her first month's electric bill. It was $40.67. Unheard of in Florida. "I keep my thermostat at 77 degrees," she said, "And it actually feels chilly."

Lawrence was the first to buy a villa in Mirabella, a new development near the Gulf beaches, Sarasota/Bradenton, and the IMG sports community.


Leaders Launch Campaign Opposing Utility-Backed Amendment 1


Vote NO on 1 - Florida Amendment 1Opposition to utility-backed solar proposal spans political spectrum


On a statewide conference call, a broad and diverse coalition of leaders presented a united front opposing a utility-backed proposal appearing on November’s ballot as Amendment 1. 



Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, free market advocates, solar industry reps and non-partisan advocacy groups joined together to launch a citizen-led “Vote No On 1” campaign explaining that “Amendment 1 Blocks the Sun.”


Living with Florida Black Bears

Topic of Program at Trout Lake Nature Center

Black bear sightings have become increasingly common throughout Lake County and much of Florida, evoking feelings ranging from delight to sheer terror – and resulting in many calls to wildlife officials and local authorities.


Valensa Pioneers Ecologically Sustainable Omega-3 Phospholipid Complex

Addresses the industry's demand for a differentiated EPA/DHA phospholipid supplement, fortified with ALA and Astaxanthin

Valensa International announced that it has completed manufacturing ovo-vegetarian Deep Ocean Caviar, a first-of-its-kind Omega-3 phospholipid supplement that contains no fish oil. Deep Ocean Caviar is derived from North Atlantic Herring Roe (herring eggs) combined with algae-sourced Astaxanthin and Verilla vegetarian ALA Perilla Seed Oil, providing a rich source of Omega-3 phospholipids. This formula contains a high DHA-EPA ratio along with ALA Omega-3, and offers powerful support for heart, brain and eye health. Unique and sustainable forms of Omega-3 are the fastest growing segment in the supplement & functional foods markets. Deep Ocean Caviar is Valensa's response to this rapidly expanding category.


Sessions from the 2016 Sustainable Buildings Conference Now Available Online

Educational sessions from the 2016 Sustainable Buildings Conference can now be viewed for free online at The conference, which was hosted by nationally recognized indoor environmental quality firm Pure Air Control Services, along with Tremco/CanAm, covered a number of topics ranging from indoor air quality for sustainable buildings to understanding the risks of Legionella bacteria.


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