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Purestream Services Begins Commercial Operations to Treat Fayetteville Shale Produced and Frac Flow-back Water in White County, Arkansas

Purestream Services AVARA water treatment technology processes and treats produced and frac flow-back water in a centralized facility in White County, Arkansas.(PRNewsFoto/Purestream Services)Purestream Services has deployed its AVARA brand vapor recompression commercial water treatment system for an Arkansas Fayetteville Shale gas producer in White County, Arkansas. 

Purestream Services has been contracted to treat the wastewater at a centralized water treatment facility near Searcy, Arkansas.  The facility was built to accommodate produced water from shale gas wells operating in the vicinity.  Treating wastewater nearer to the source of the production reduces the costs of processing the produced and frac flow-back water and minimizes the environmental impacts of hauling the wastewater long distances.


United States and Arkansas File Joint Complaint Against ExxonMobil for Pegasus Pipeline Oil Spill in Mayflower, Arkansas


The United States and the state of Arkansas filed a joint enforcement action against ExxonMobil Pipeline Company and Mobil Pipe Line Company (ExxonMobil) in federal district court in Little Rock, Ark. The complaint addresses ExxonMobil’s unlawful discharge of heavy crude oil from a 20-inch-diameter interstate pipeline – the Pegasus Pipeline – that ruptured in Mayflower, Ark., on March 29, 2013.


Walmart Lauded for Demanding Credible Fishery Certification

The Environmental Law Institute (ELI)  congratulates Walmart on its recent decision to limit purchases of Alaska salmon to that portion of the fishery that is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Walmart says that it does not consider other certification systems, including the Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Certification used by some Alaska suppliers, to be consistent with the MSC.  ELI agrees.


Walmart Statement by President and CEO Mike Duke Regarding President Obama's Renewable Energy Address

We applaud the President and his administration for their commitment to renewable energy and conservation. Investing in renewable energy and energy conservation are good for business, good for communities and good for the environment. When we use less energy, that's less energy we have to buy, and that means less waste and more savings for our customers. Over the last few years we've made meaningful progress towards our goal to be supplied by 100 percent renewable energy. Walmart now has over 300 renewable energy projects in operation or under development around the world, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named us the number one user of onsite renewable energy. As we continue on our journey we will continue to leverage our scale in purchasing energy so we can drive down technology costs and make renewable power more affordable for everyone.

-     Mike Duke, Walmart President and CEO

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