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UAH SGA Resolution Urges UA System to Stop the Shepherd Bend Mine


The Student Government Association (SGA) at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) has passed a Resolution urging the University of Alabama System (UA) Trustees to stop the proposed Shepherd Bend Mine from polluting a major drinking water supply for the greater Birmingham area.  SGA Senators expressed concern that heavy metals and sediment from the mine would lead to decreased water quality and increased filtration fees for consumers. 


UAH officially establishes new “green fund” for energy-independence, savings

Administration officials at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) approved yesterday the establishment of a "Green Fund" to support sustainability-related projects on campus.

The new fund, which could generate over a quarter of a million dollars for on-campus sustainability projects over the next five years, is a collaborative endeavor by the UAH Student Government Association (SGA), Chargers for Sustainability, the UAH Green Club, and the Coalition of Alabama Students for the Environment (CASE).


Alabama Win: National Forest Drilling Leases Withdrawn

Talladega National Forest - CASE

I never expected to see a serious environmental threat strike so close to home. I'm privileged to live in a community with clean water and clean air. Besides that, people in my neighborhood, and the entire state, enjoy easy access to protected wilderness in the form of state parks and National Forests.

Just down the road is Talladega National Forest. It's a destination for hikers, hunters, campers, bikers, and sightseers. Plus, it contains essential water sources for nearby towns.


Lee Brass launches new website devoted to latest info on lead free water distribution systems

Lee Brass has launched a new website,, which features  the most up to date information on certification requirements for the nation's potable water distribution systems becoming lead free.  Lee Brass has been a leader in manufacturing lead free alloy products for over 40 years.  The new federal water safety regulations, which go into effect January 2014, are driving demand for lead free potable water delivery system components, but there is a lot of confusion about accurate information.  In order to meet the demand, and to offer a repository of current information, Lee Brass has introduced their LEE FREE® package and produced  "The new regulation, known in the industry as NSF 61G, requires less than 5 parts per billion for lead leaching for the Health Effects of Safe Drinking Water Act," says Phil Stephens, VP of Sales and Marketing for Lee Brass.  "It also addresses the lead content of potable water delivery system products as having a weighted lead content average of not more than 0.25%," according to Stephens. 


Power Generation Threatening AL Water Supplies

Decision makers in Alabama stand at a critical moment when they can dramatically lower the power industry’s draw on the state’s strained water supply by replacing its aging power plants with water-smart energy options like renewables and efficiency, according to a study released today. Continuing down the same path, the study warns, will place a heavy burden on already stressed water resources.


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