Voters passed Amendment 2, voicing their support for Alabama's state parks and their desire to protect them from further budget crises.

"Tonight, Alabamians made it clear they saw through confusing ballot language and widespread misinterpretations and understood that state parks need to be able to keep the money they earn," said Tammy Herrington, Executive Director of Conservation Alabama. "We know that state parks are vitally important to our communities, and the voters demonstrated that tonight by passing Amendment 2."


Amendment 2 was proposed by Sen. Clay Scofield (R-Guntersville) in response to public outcry in 2015 when five of our state parks were closed and seven reduced hours and services due to a lack of funds. The amendment will end the legislature's ability to appropriate funds earned by state parks and move those funds to be spent elsewhere.

"This is a fundamental shift for our state parks," Herrington continued. "After several years of watching the money they've earned go out the door to fund other state programs, the state parks division will now be able to budget effectively without worrying about another transfer to the General Fund."

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