In part 1 of a two-episode look at the submersible operation at the Hawaii Undersea Research Lab, we meet Terry Kerby, a legend of the underwater world. Terry has been piloting submarines for over 30 years. He and his team recently redeployed an old technology to help them save money in times of reduced funding for scientific research. The LRT-30a is a barge that transports the sub out to its dive site. A team of divers then takes the barge underwater with the submarine still attached and proceeds to launch the sub while it is underwater.

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Produced, Directed and Edited by
Craig Musburger

Executive Producers:
Craig Musburger
Brian Musburger

Assistant Editor:
Matt Workman

Camera Operators:
Craig Musburger
Brett Schumacher
Griffith Jurgens

Special Thanks:
Hawaii Undersea Research Lab
Terry Kerby
Colin Wollerman
Rachel Orange
Steve Price
Max Cremer
Doug Bloedorn

University of Hawaii
School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
Dean, Dr. Brian Taylor

Captain and Crew of the American Emerald, American Marine Corporation