To begin this video, we launched a little confetti to celebrate the fact that I am now "Dr. Joe", since I successfully defended my Ph.D. in molecular biology! Woo! But you don't have to call me "Doctor."


Anyway, spring is in the air!! We're all thawing out from winter's chill, and for bees and flowers this season is about one thing: Feeding and fertilizing. Bees are amazing social insects, and their relationship with flowers is one of nature's coolest examples of "mutualism". It got me wondering: How do bees see the world? Enjoy this look at how bees see in ultraviolet and even sense electric fields!

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Louie Schwartzberg - The hidden beauty of pollination

Jay Woo - October 1st

Special thanks to Klaus Schmitt for allowing us to use his awesome UV flower photos: All images used © Dr Schmitt, Weinheim Germany,

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