Take a deep breath. Smell that? It could be a little eau de Einstein. Or maybe a whiff of Cleopatra. Here's an amazing thought: every time you breathe, you could be sharing air with everyone who's ever lived. A few million of the same air molecules that enter your lungs in a lifetime also entered Albert Einstein or Marie Curie's lungs! That's some smart air.


Earth's atmosphere is big, but not as big as many people think. All the air that keeps us alive is just a thin candy shell around our planet. In this episode, echoing the words of John F. Kennedy, I'll show you the science of how we all share the same air. So let's be careful about what we're putting in it.

References for this episode: http://dft.ba/-5AuU
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Written and hosted by Joe Hanson
Produced by Painted On Productions (http://www.paintedon.com/)

Read about John F. Kennedy's American University speech: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American...

Earth's atmosphere illustrated by Adam Nieman: http://adamnieman.posterous.com/