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Healthy Beauty - Turner Foundation

Laura Turner Seydel of the Turner Foundation in conjunction with the EPA Region 4 put together a day of environmental learning at Coretta Scott King Young Women's Leadership Academy. Southeast Green and Green Shortz were asked to put together a seminar on safe and healthy inexpensive cosmetics and create a video to reflect what the young women learned. Big thanks to Authentic Beauty and Dirty Beauty for their participation. It was an honor to put together a program that focused on the most important beauty there is inner beauty. Please consider sharing this with the young women in your life. She deserves it!

Notice: Mention of products or services in the video does not convey and should not be interpreted as conveying official EPA approval, endorsement or recommendation.

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Stepping Into the Sun

The integration of solar power into my life began with a small $20 investment...a solar battery charger. This small photovoltaic panel charges 2 AA batteries with free green energy from the sun. It also has a USB power-out port and comes with several USB connectors. However, the two 1.5 watt batteries didn't have enough juice to power my 5-watt iPhone 4. But, I primarily use the batteries to power the wireless mice and keyboards in my office...and that works great. Watch the video for the details.

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Solar 101: Right for You?

We all recognize a solar panel when we see one, right? But, what is really happening inside those shiny black cells? And that's probably not the only question we face when it comes to solar. Are there other options? What about cost? Solar is expensive, right? And complex? What about lifespan? Will I make back my investment? When we stare down a long list of unknowns with regard to anything, it usually translates into a "not-gonna-do-it." That's just human nature...we fear what we don't know. My goal with this series on solar energy is to erase some of the unknowns–hopefully a lot of them. Then the decisions we face are based within our rational mind. The things is, I'm asking these same questions myself. This first video looks at the first few questions: What are the basic solar technologies for consumers? How do they work? And how to get more specific information as it relates to you. So, get enrolled in Solar 101.

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Meet My Son, the Stream

Water pollution primarily used to come from large ugly sources that were easy to find and eliminate. Now, most water pollution comes from many small sources over a wider area. And they are much harder to locate for elimination. Federal, State and local governments are required to monitor streams to find pollution sources, but with the large number of small streams in any river system, this is an impossible task. That is, impossible without the help of local teams made up of regular citizens, trained to do the monitoring, data collection and logging. Yes, I'm talking to you. Adopt-a-Stream programs exist across the nation and help keep streams clean and protect our drinking water supplies. Watch this video to learn more about Adopt-a-Stream in Georgia.

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Why Save Water?

Water covers 70 percent of the planet, but less than two percent is fresh and available for human consumption. The 7,000,000,000-plus residents of earth have to share that water. Plus, that volume of water isn't necessarily distributed equally, some places have plenty and others not enough. The downside of this inequity is that those with plenty often practice wasteful consumption habits. And when I say "those," I mean "us." In the United States tap water costs around $4 per 1000 gallons. In my mind, that is too cheap. Because water wasting doesn't have a big impact on our bank accounts, it is easy to miss that a running faucet is the flow of dollars. Yet, saving water does translate into saving money, more so with a strategic approach. This month we'll focus on water...and different methods to save and conserve. And we are asking you to watch, consider, and start saving where you can.

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