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Recycling in Liberty County, Georgia

You know something is set in stone when a more rural county is collecting recyclables. Meet Kathy Poole with the Liberty County Solid Waste Authority. Kathy talks to Tom Mills of GreenShortz about how easy and beneficial it is to recycle in Liberty County, Georgia.


Keep Liberty County Georgia Beautiful

Liberty County, Georgia is nested between Savannah and Brunswick Georgia on the Golden Isles Coast. It takes a lot of work to keep this coastal county beautiful. Join Tom Mills of GreenShortz as he learns about the amount of work it takes to Keep Liberty Beautiful.


10 Ways to Green Your Workday

Simple things to green your everyday life and office experience. From coffee to commuting to eating locally, there are little things you can do each day that will add up and if your co-workers join think about the size of the changes that can occur. Thanks to Tom and Greenshortz for a reminder that we can all do better every day.


There's another type of solar

We love solar at Southeast Green! But there's another type of solar that often gets ignored. Join Tom of Greenshortz on the roof of Southface as he explores solar thermal. Heating water with the sun? Makes sense to us.



Did you know trains are green? Well maybe not green but a far more sustainable source for transporting our goods long distances. In fact they are four times better for transportation and clean air then semis. Join Tom of Greenshortz as he explores Northfolk Southern's freight operations and the global intermodal transportation system to get your favorite products to you that also saves you green...the kind that goes into your wallet.


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