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Cooking with Induction not Gas and less energy

You have more than two options for cooking. Most people choose between gas and electric. Induction uses electricity but in a much more efficient way. The actual art of cooking only uses 5% of your monthly electric bill but your air-conditioning to cool that hot kitchen costs much more. With induction the heat stays away from everything buy the pan. Check out this great demonstration with Tom Mills of GreenShortz and Bill Lipham of Columbus Technical College.


Fixing it First

Despite Americans reputation for throwing things away, there is one place we excel at not throwing away. Join Tom Mills host of GreenSortz as he learns about how Columbus Technical College is doing their part to not only extend the lofe of appliances but also extend the life of the landfill by not throwing away appliances.


Wash with Less, For Less

Is it time for a new washing machine? Don't buy one until you watch this. Top load washing machines historically have used 35 gallons per wash. Not anymore! Learn how as a smart shopper can not only save money when purchasing but how you will save money over the life of the washer because of the energy and water conservation features of new washing machines.


Designed With Reuse In Mind - Pallookaville

Pallookaville in Avondale Estates has a really big secret...well not anymore. Join Shannon Goodman of LifeCycle Building Center and Jim Stacey of Pallookaville as they tour the restaurant and explore all the reused items to create the unique blend of cool that is Pallokaville. 


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