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Emory Recycles - Parking Lot Police

We can all have a role to play in littering. Help join the cause of the Parking Lot Police. Tom Mills of GreenShortz explores how our liter can really hurt our environment. Why are people not using waste bins? We can all play a part.


Reloom: Weaving a Better Life

Homelessness recycled into a living wage, that's what Re:Loom is all about. Meet Lisa Wise of Re:Loom where everything gets a second chance with dignity. If you have clothes that can't be sold because of use don't worry they still can have a second life at Re:Loom. To hear more about Re:Loom's work listen to their interview on Speaking of Green.


Seeking Super Green

Have you ever dreamed of a store that was one stop shopping for energy and water efficiency? Think it's not possible? Well think again. Welcome to Super Green Solutions, Georgia's only store dedicated to living and working more sustainably. Join Tom Mills of GreenShortz as he tours Super Green Solutions and Marvin Austin proprietor of Super Green Solutions.


Loving the MRF

Join Tom Mills of GreenShortz as he tours the MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) at Emory University. See how Emory is continuing it's commitment to sustainability to seeing how materials get recovered and saved from the landfill.


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