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Join Tom Mills of GreenShortz as he explores the MadeInGeorgia products that come from the 120 companies in Georgia that use recycled materials in their products. Whether it's carpet, cardboard, aluminum or plastic it these materials that are not only made out of recycled materials but turn into recycled products. It's a never ending loop. Let's keep it up.


DIY Rain Barrel- The Rain Barrel Depot

Learn how to build your own rain barrel. It's easier than you think and can save big bucks over the summer months of watering. Follow Tom Mills as he explains how building your own rain barrel is a great project that can be done at home by purchasing a simple kit from the Rain Barrel Depot.


Emory Recycles - Put Joe Back to Work

Americans consume a lot of coffee but coffee grounds can be composted in your yard to help your blueberries and azaleas. How much coffee are your throwing away to the landfill that could be a free fertilizer for your yard. Don't drink coffee? Check your local coffee shop or Starbucks for their used grounds.


Emory Recycles- Leaf It Be

Learn how your Fall leaf bounty can be turned into community compost or your own personal compost solution. Even better you can rake them as a protection for your tree root system. Composting it in your yard not only keeps it green but saves you green too. Join GreenShortz host Tom Mills as he explores reducing your carbon footprint by composting your own yard waste.


Emory Recycles - Billboard Bags

Turning vinyl billboards into cool bags, Plywood People is beyond just saving the material from the landfill. Plywood People is also a social enterprise. Helping immigrants transition from refugees to productive citizens is a core mission of Plywood People. There is an easy way to support Plywood People. Watch and find out how.


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