It didn't seem right to show GreenShortz videos in the Eco Village at the Dogwood Festival and actually burn electricity. So I called my good friend Marvia Austin at SuperGreen Solutions in Alpharetta and borrowed a 90-watt foldable solar panel. I placed the panel in a patch of sun and connected it to a deep cycle marine battery. The battery was wired out to 400-watt inverter, which switched the DC solar power to AC and delivered it to the TV. We started out with a full battery, and his set-up powered the video feed for the six-hour event, as the solar panel charged the battery while the TV drew upon its stored energy. The stand alone panel we used also comes as a turn-key unit with the battery and inverter built in and a set of wheels to roll it into the sun.

Serving Up the Green Juice from Greenshortz on Vimeo.