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What do you do to reduce your lifestyle?

Beth Bond's second scope tackles the the first R in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Beth shows some of her favorite finds from ExpoEast in 2014 in preparation for the 2015 show and shows off her OkaBs which are made from recycled plastic and can be put in your curbside recycling bin when you are through. Remember to always watch for the recycling number on your products to make sure they can be recycled.

To read more about some of the products that are discussed in this scope check out Expo East: Trick or Treat for Adults.


Recycling | Full of Useless Information

Southeast Green's Beth Bond has started a new series of videos captured on Periscope. Always looking for the humor in life, Bond has entitled this series Full of Useless Information. Of course Bond is hoping that most of the information is quite helpful, but she has a good sense of humor about all the random facts she carries in her head. This first scope is on recycling. Specifically, curbside recycling from home and what to do about styrofoam.

Here's a link to the article she mentions on Southeast Green.
Recycling: Americans aren’t failing


Full of Useless Information