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Who to Watch on Periscope #ShareTheLuv | Full of Useless Information

Beth is still encouraging folks to get on Periscope. There is so much room for people to talk sustainability. As part of the #ShareTheLuv Campaign hosted by Kim Garst of Boom Social, Beth lists her top scopers starting off with Kim Garst, herself. Beth has found, organic food policy guru Max Goldberg and a bunch of paleo folks so tune in to find out who is scope worthy!


Modern Homesteading - Use Everything | Full of Useless Information

On this Scope, Beth wass visiting her cousin's quilt store, SEW-MINI Things, when she found a great example of using everything. Homesteading, is a reference to pioneer living. It has now become a huge movement where people are canning, growing, herding, chicken raising and using things wisely. Beth loves this example of how being creative can make sure that you never have a scrap of fabric left over again!


Full of Useless Information