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The 11th Hour

The 11th HourClimate change and the collapse of life-sustaining ecosystems are the challenges of our time.The global environmental crisis is here now but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make some changes. The 11th Hour is a documentary that paints a picture of a planet at risk while offering some radical, exciting solutions for making life on earth sustainable. The reality is that our planet will still be here long after we are gone. It is more adaptable to change than humans. This means that our environmental crisis is sending the human race into extinction. Make sure you watch the initial video as well as the solutions offered to help slow and even reverse the damage already done. Many of the solutions offered are scientifically based as well as approaching the environment from a religious standpoint.


Forks Over Knives

Purchase Forks Over Knives on AmazonA documentary about plant based diets and the medical advantages to eating less meat, Forks Over Knives chronicles the research of two food scientists who claim that the popularity of processed foods has led to obesity, diabetes and other diseases. They state that switching to an all plant based diet can stop the progression of and even reverse the effects of these diseases.


Tiny: A Story about Living Small

Tiny: A Story about Living Small - Purchase now on AmazonWith shifting values in America, Tiny: A Story about Living Small documents the progress a couple makes in constructing a tiny house. Many people today want to simplify their lives and save money and this is one way many people achieve their goals. Unfortunately, there are many localities and states that make living in a tiny house illegal so there isn’t accurate information as to how many people currently choose this type of lifestyle.


Super Size Me

Super Size Me - Buy now on AmazonSuper Size Me is a documentary about the fast food industry and one man’s journey to eat fast food for 30 days. Morgan Spurlock, a fit and healthy man in the beginning, turns into a not so healthy person in the end. This documents his transformation throughout 30 days under doctors’ care and supervision. It also exposes how processed foods and excessive fats and calories are not good for our bodies. He sets a benchmark in the beginning and you find out at the end of the documentary how much harder it is to get healthy once you have consistently gone down this diet path.

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Unacceptable Levels

Purchase on Amazon - Unacceptable LevelsUnacceptable Levels is a documentary by Ed Brown where he starts by pondering what is in our drinking water. In turn, this leads him to consider what is in our food, our homes and more. The reality is that there are tens of thousands of chemicals being used in modern production and their overall impact on the environment and our bodies remains largely unknown.


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