Purchase Forks Over Knives on AmazonA documentary about plant based diets and the medical advantages to eating less meat, Forks Over Knives chronicles the research of two food scientists who claim that the popularity of processed foods has led to obesity, diabetes and other diseases. They state that switching to an all plant based diet can stop the progression of and even reverse the effects of these diseases.


I am a meat eater and I will probably never give up meat. In the Bible it states we are allowed to eat the meat of any animal. What I will do is reduce my portion size of meat and increase my portion size of fruits and vegetables to compensate.

Jesus’s teachings were mostly based around meals and celebrations, which included meats. However, the portion sizes of biblical times versus the portions of today are very different. The portions sizes of my parents’ generations are vastly different from today. Add into that the increase in processed foods, sugars and other chemicals and it’s no wonder we have so many dangerous medical conditions. I feel that our generation has become gluttons with larger portion sizes and reducing our plant intake for the rich and fatty foods of today. This documentary opened my eyes to this concept and although I will not eliminate meat and dairy from my diet, I will introduce more plants and be more conscious about the portions I choose to eat.

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