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How to Keep America Beautiful | 26 Second Green

GreenShortz exhibited at the Keep America Beautiful conference last week and I got to talk with Keep America Beautiful president Jennifer Jehn about their mission. Keep America Beautiful has almost 600 local affiliates across the nation that help communities stay clean, green and beautiful through litter prevention, recycling promotion and beautification projects.


How To Save $118 On Your Water Bill | 26 Second Green

My dripping faucet was costing me $118 dollars a year! Time to fix it! A dripping faucet costs money every minute of the day...but how much? My dripping shower was being neglected (honesty is the best policy)...partly because I've wanted to measure it and make a video. This video illustrates what I found and details the math of how I figured out the dollar amount hitting my wallet. It was more than I thought! Yikes! I'm making time to fix this faucet.


Products Made with Recycled Plastic | 26 Second Green

Preserve Products uses 100% recycled polypropylene to make plastic products razors, tooth brushes, cutlery, food containers and more. This use of recycled content supports our efforts to recycle and the recycling industry. Buy Preserve Products at and in stores. And drop off your #5 plastic at Gimme5 take-back locations. See their website for a list of accepted materials.

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