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How to Recycle Extra Plastic Lids | 26 Second Green

Looking for ways to recycle more? Here's an easy tip...if you've got stray plastic bottle lids, put them inside another bottle to help them through the recycling process. You may need to use a wide-mouth bottle to get smaller lids inside. Just load them up, close the the lid and recycle.


Hiking Trail Trash Pickup Tip | 26 Second Green

I hate seeing trash in beautiful places. Hate it. People can be so inconsiderate and lazy. Pick it up and you'll likely find some recyclables in the process. Some of those (aluminum cans) can net you some cash (around 40 cents per pound). Here's a simple green tip to help keep nature looking its best. Sure...their mom might not work here...but you do!


Get Your Feet Wet for Water Conservation | 26 Second Green

Water is our most precious natural resource, and yet if you look at the litter and pollution in our streams, you might think we didn't know. There are many conservation organization across the country that empower volunteers to help clean up streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands. And train them to monitor water quality. They need your help. Find a group near you and get involved.


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