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How to Save Money on Shipping | 26 Second Green

When you purchase online select the "Store Pickup" option if you have a local store. This is a green option as you'll help reduce fuel consumption and emissions by combining your shipment with the store's regular deliveries. The trick is to combine your store pickup with other errands so you're not just exchanging your own fuel for the store's.


How to Recycle Polystyrene Foam | 26 Second Green

Extruded polystyrene foam, also known by the brand name Styrofoam, is a recyclable plastic. The #6 plastic is injected with 90% air to provide structural mass, insulating properties and reduce the amount of plastic needed. While foam is usually not accepted in single stream curbside programs, some grocery stores have bins where they take back foam. Dart Container, a foam producer, has foam a foam take back program for consumers and institutions.


How to Recycle Plastic Shopping Bags | 26 Second Green

Plastic film is an easy way to recycle more plastic, in fact you may be already doing it. Plastic grocery bags are in this category and your local grocery store may have a bin out front to take back your bags for recycling. But, there are many more types of plastic film than can be recycled. If plastic film stretches then it can go in with grocery bags (if clean and dry), if it tears like paper, it cannot.


How to Recycle Carpet | 26 Second Green

Most carpet these days is made from nylon...which is just another name for plastic. Nylon is a high grade and durable fiber and is 100% recyclable. Most carpet installers know this and gladly take the old carpet they remove from your home to a local recycler instead of paying to put it in a landfill. But, it is worth asking to confirm that your old carpet is being recycled. If you do the removal and installation yourself, take the time to find a carpet recovery center near you.


How to Recycle the Plastic Lid | 26 Second Green

Yes, you can recycle the plastic top with the plastic bottle. This wasn't always the case, but now it is. Help your recycler by making sure all the liquid is emptied and rinse if the contents left a residue. (Use rainwater to save potable water). Put the lid back on and recycle. Nice and easy...feels good too.


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