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How to Recycle in a Parking Lot | 26 Second Green

People leave cups and bottles in parking lots cause they are downright LAZY! But since they are usually long gone when you arrive on the scene, it is up to you to do the right think and pick up. In many cases the left-behind items can be recycled. And if it is a can it can make you money. You got time for this!


How to Recycle in Sofia Bulgaria | 26 Second Green

While in Sofia, Bulgaria on assignment, I came across some hard-to-miss recycling bins in the local park. The brightly colored bins allowed people to separate their recyclables into three streams and were large enough to handle a lot of material without overflowing. Separation of recycling is always best accomplished at the source...when it is up to us...while the material is still in our hands. Do your part to recycle more. You got time for this.


How to Recycle a Paper Q-Tip | 26 Second Green

I bet you never thought a Q-Tip could be recycled. Well, it part that is. The center portion of many (not all) Q-Tips, or the generic cotton swab, is made of paper board. I clip off the cotton tips, once I've used the Q-Tip and recycle the paper board stick. To make this work, the stick needs a container to get it though the recycling process and for that I go to my cereal box hack. Here's that video:


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