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How I Charge My iPhone with Solar | 26 Second Green

To reduce my fossil-fuel energy consumption, I charge my iPhone 5 with a 10 watt solar panel from Gomatic called the Sunvolt. I initially found it on Kickstarter, but it can now be found on Amazon with the current sale price of $65. It is the first solar device I've found that will charge a device directly...most solar chargers charge a battery which is then used to charge the device.


How to Beach-Trash-Pick-Up | 26 Second Green

Trash on the beach is in a precarious position, only inches from the waves working to whisk it away. Cigarette butts, the most common trash on the beach, while small, contain concentrations of toxins that are harmful to aquatic creatures. Bring a bag and be a beachcomber...for trash. You got time for this!


How to Buy Green Toilet Paper | 26 Second Green

When buying toilet paper, there is a "greenest" option...100% Recycled Fiber. While FSC certified means the wood was sustainably grown and harvested, it usually means it is a virgin fiber, which is best used for higher grade products. The fiber is durable enough to be recycled up to 7 times before it's used to make tissue...which represents "end-of-life" for paper. Buying 100% recycled fiber toilet paper ensures the material has been used for higher-grade purposes first. Wiping with green, you got time for this.


How e-Waste is Recycled | 26 Second Green

Have you dropped off that old computer at an e-waste recycler and wondered what happens? Here's your answer. PlasMet E-Solutions is an Atlanta, GA-based electronic waste processor and here's a 26 second look at the process (detailed video coming soon).


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