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How to Get Paid for Recycling Cans | 26 Second Green

People toss money out the windows of their cars aluminum can at a time. You can gather them on your morning run (or walk) and get paid. A can is worth 2-3 cents, depending on the rates of the metal recycler you're taking it to. My dad, is able to get 69 cents per pound because he's friends with a recycler. The last rate I got at my local recycler was 40 cents per your results will vary. It pays to shop around, if you have more than one option.


Your Light Bulbs are Stealing Your Money | 26 Second Green

Incandescent light bulbs are 2 to 5 times as expensive to operate as LEDs or CFLs, but they also have a hidden cost...heat. This cost appears is a double hit to the electric bill because inefficient lighting turns some of the electricity it consumes into heat, which then requires additional electricity for the AC to cool. In this video I compare the electrical consumption estimates of an Eco-Incandescent (43w, 750 Lumens, 2900K)


How the Salt Marsh Works | 26 Second Green

The salt marsh is one of the most beautiful facets of the coast of Georgia. However, the march serves several other important acts as a filter as the tide moves in and out, it is a habitat and provides shelter for the lowest members of the food chain until they become a snack, and finally marsh grasses help dissipate wave action during storms, protecting the coast. That's a lot to love. You got time for this.


How Reuse Can Save You Money | 26 Second Green

We throw away 250 million tons of "waste" every year in the US, about 30% of which gets recycled or composted. Of the remainder, 40% is construction and demolition waste. And much of this can be easily reused. There are around 1300 Reuse Centers around the nation, provided a location to donate used materials (often for a tax deduction) and purchase these materials at a discount. In Atlanta, Georgia, The Lifecycle Building Center meets this need. Find out more about LBC at


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