In a shocking 5-0 vote, on August 3, 2009 the Georgia Public Service Commission voted to raise the current tariff from 500 kw to 1.5 mw in a decision that surprised long time followers of the Public Serivce Commission. A large number of groups came together to work on the issue including Southeastern Energy Efficiency Alliance, Georgia Solar Energy Association, Georgia Interfaith Power and Light and others.

RNR tariff revisions include the following:


  • increase cap to a total of 1.5 MW   
  • increase size of project to be 100 kW or less with 65%  guaranteed
  • 35% guarantee to apply to smaller residential systems 25 kW or less
  • staff to monitor the program, and after 6 months tariff will be brought up for review.  If solar sales to green power customers is not at least 80% of the solar energy purchased by Georgia Power, tariff will be brought back before the Commission for reconsideration.