Hannah Solar, LLC is pleased to announce that they have completed the first ‘post stimulus plan’ solar installation in the state of Georgia with the solar thermal installation at White Oak Pastures (www.whiteoakpastures.com) in Bluffton, GA.   This system has been installed in advance of the issuance of Governor Sonny Perdue’s award for sustainable farming to White Oak Pastures in their district.    White Oak Pastures is a 100% grass fed, hormone free, certified humane cattle ranch located in Bluffton Georgia, owned by Will Harris and the Harris family, since 1868.   Their premium meat is readily available at all Whole Foods in the Southeast and many Publix grocery stores as well as many fine ‘Farm to Table’ restaurants through Buckhead Beef distribution.

This installation is a commercial array of eight (8) Solar Thermal Collectors that will provide 61% of the hot water consumption for their processing plant, necessary for post production wash-down.   All this energy will come from the sun and will result in zero carbon emission.   The system installed is an Enerworks Solar Thermal Collector package and is the only Energy Star rated solar thermal collection system available in the United States and one of the eligible systems for the Georgia Clean Energy Tax Credit. 

Due to the stimulus package signed by President Obama on Tuesday and the GA Clean Energy Tax Credit, coupled with both bonus depreciation and standard MACRS depreciation, White Oak Pastures will recoup approximately 84% of the $35,000 system cost in year one. All commercial Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal systems installed up to a $1.5 Million capital cost, in Georgia, would recoup the same 84% in year one if the systems are installed before the GA Credit is consumed. This will be the first system of its kind installed in Early County and adds to the many firsts that White Oak Pastures have undertaken.   

Hannah Solar is a full service integrator of Photovoltaic (PV), Solar Thermal and Wind Systems focused upon the commercial sector. Founded by Peter Marte, its president and CEO, who is an Engineer graduate of  Maine Maritime Academy, who has been developing the business for over two years and has been fortunate that the imperatives of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and ‘political will’ have all coalesced to create a perfect storm for alternative energy companies. The team at HS includes Jay Richardson, Vice President, who comes from the international division of Mead Westvaco where he had run the Asian operations.  

Marte’s inspiration for starting the company came while working in the beverage supply and distribution business over the past decade “I saw the challenges facing both distributors and suppliers as their margins eroded due to increased energy costs, and noted that the large flat rooftop of any warehouse without a solar array is an asset truly being wasted. ”  Marte traveled extensively as the Director of Sales for the Flying Dog Brewery, and noted “Every time I was traveling to a market, on approach I would marvel at the number of large flat rooftops I was flying over and realized the potential real estate for solar is clearly in place already”, the industry simply needed a boost in its’ communications approach and policy.   The name came from his first born child, Hannah Rose.   “We are simply stewards for our children and when I saw her shadow on the beach while vacationing at the Cloisters in St. Simons, I knew I had to make the leap and I had the perfect name” recounts Marte.

Today, there are many business owners like Ray Anderson, Ted Turner, Jim Jacoby, etc. who have environmental consciousness ingrained into their DNA – and they have been able to ingrain that culture into their companies, their supply chains, both upstream and downstream into their customers home. Identifying those companies and homeowners who want to reduce their carbon and waste footprint is the simplest path toward growing the solar installations in the state of Georgia.   

There are two major factors working in favor of Hannah Solar – The first being the cost of conventional electricity going up – more rapidly than ever. The fossil fuel (coal, natural gas & oil) being used to generate our electricity was hedged a long time ago so the spike we as consumers have already seen at the gas pump has not yet been reflected in our electric bills. That will soon change – the price of coal has increased more than oil. This increase in fossil fuel prices is moving the cost of electricity up, meeting that of solar. The increase in electric prices is escalating more rapidly than ever and that increase will not slow for a long time as utilities upgrade their transmission and distribution infrastructure and their generating capacity, all while paying much higher prices for the fuel used to generate the electricity. 

The second factor is passage of House Bill 670 this Spring allowing for generous incentives for alternative energy generation and energy efficiency. “I applaud the leadership of Governor Perdue, House Speaker Richardson and Senate President Pro-tem Johnson in getting a bill passed that has the underpinnings to create a large, financially viable Green Energy economy in Georgia.” The bill allows for incentives up to $500K for large commercial installations – and this immediately brings the economics in line with conventional electric rates. The ROI with the GA State incentive coupled with the Federal credit is approximately 4-5 years, without allowing for the increases we are sure to see on each months’ bill. 

House Bill 670 went into law July 1, 2008.  Hannah Solar launched the week of July 4th to coincide with our national desire to become independent from foreign fuel sources.  This is a matter of national security, environmental security and individual business security and the week of Independence Day was the perfect time to help customers become more independent.

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