Following is a statement by Regina Hopper, president and CEO of America's Natural Gas Alliance, on Texas' approval of regulations governing the disclosure of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.

"The natural gas community's support for Texas' disclosure regulation is a firm demonstration of our commitment to safe and responsible development and to the strong state-led oversight that exists to help ensure that natural gas development continues to occur in harmony with the needs of the local communities where we operate."

"Texas joins other states such as Arkansas, Colorado and Wyoming in developing rules that build upon the work already being done by the industry to increase public trust over our stewardship of the environment.

"Through our member companies' participation in the state-run database, the public has access to information on a well-by-well basis of the chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process. We commend Texas for embracing as the basis for implementing its new regulations.

"States across our nation are struggling to find energy solutions that will help the environment, create jobs and boost economies. Texas in particular has recognized the benefits of natural gas, most recently through passage of legislation to create a natural gas transportation corridor in the state's most populous area. We encourage leaders in other states to take full advantage of the many benefits natural gas provides in advancing cleaner American energy choices."