Our friends at the EPA have asked the Hoots Group to help promote sustainable practices as they apply to buildings. We are going to give 2 presentations at the 2009 Southeastern Lifecycle Construction Conference. The first one is a case study one of our EarthCraft renovations and the second one is on how green practices save you on operational costs as well as how you can get rebates for going green as well.

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Here are more details on our presentations:


SAVE THE DATE: 2009 Southeast Lifecycle Construction Conference

10:15 a.m. Session:Green Renovation

How to make existing buildings and homes sustainable from performance projects to major additions and renovations.

Sustainable Residential Renovation

Speaker: Matt Hoots – The Hoots Group – Earthcraft Renovator


2:30 p.m. Session:$aving Green with Green

Hear how sustainable construction from renovations and new construction can save money!

It Pays to Go Green:Contractor’s Perspective

Speaker:Matt Hoot, The Hoots Group