New Year’s Resolution #2

Yesterday I blogged about reducing waste in our households and during the construction process.  Well, the way you occupy your house and the way that it performs can also be wasteful.


First time for housekeeping….

Many of our clients got, or will be getting rebates for their energy efficient upgrades that they did in 2008.  If you were one of our clients that make an energy efficient upgrade and are a GA Power client, you are eligible for up to 1900 in rebates from GA Power.  How’s that for a Happy New Year.  We can help you with the paperwork and get this in for you.


If you are one of our clients that did geothermal, solar thermal, or solar power (or a combination of the 3- yes we did have some do all three!), you need to submit your paperwork to the state ASAP before the cut your off for your deductions.  JUST IN….”I spoke with GEFA…they say Dept. of Revenue is only looking at install date, so even late submissions to GEFA for certification will not jeopardize the 2008 credit since there is plenty of money left under the $2.5 million cap.”- Jason Rooks

However do not take your time.  Even though there is money left do not wait too long or you will loose it.  Hoots Group clients will get tens of thousands back.

Back to the Resolution.  #2 that is

Last year our clients saved tens of thousands due to rebates.  This year we are in a position to save our clients hundreds of thousands in rebates.  Wait- these are just rebates that we are discussing.  They will also save on their utility bills as well.  And comfort.  And health.  You get the point- reducing your energy costs pays back in saving and in rebates.  So do it now!

If you install a Solar Water heater with us- the upfront costs starts around 8K.  With the federal and state rebates the costs will be around 3.5K.  This investment is about the same cost as a tankless water heater.  I forgot to mention that it is many times more efficient as well.  The sun is a free heating source and can reduce your water heating costs up to 85%!

Our Resolution #2- Help our clients save on their utility bills and get paid to do so also.

Your Resolution #2- Start talking to your Efficiency experts to start on your sustainability plan to start reducing your energy costs and impact on the environment.

For information on some of the rebates and incentives available click here.


Happy New Year!