There’s No Place like a Wellness Home!  

We live in a world of stress.  Demanding workdays, busy schedules, not enoughtime to eat properly, exercise regularly or just relax.  In addition, with the dangers ofpollution and environmental hazards, no wonder our health is at risk.  It is more important than ever to craft our home into a healthy sanctuary wherewe can rest and restore our mind and body, by creating a Wellness Home.  

Start with the water you drink and bathe.   The water supply in Atlanta comes from surface water from the Chattahoochee River.  According to the Water Quality Report from 2006, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides are just some of the contaminants likely found in our tap water.   If you think the solution is drinking bottled water, think again.  According to the Readers’ Digest, a report on bottled water noted of the 1000 bottlestested, one-third contained dangerous contaminants and more than 25% of bottled water is tap water.  

A simple and economical solution--invest in a water purification system that filters at the point of consumption for drinking and cooking. Look for systems that filter the water to .3 microns or less and increase the alkalinity of the water. The most important place to start is to install filters on your showers, as there are much higher risks in taking a hot shower in chlorinated water than from drinking unfiltered water.   

You may wish to test the air quality in your home to decide if an air filter is needed. The EPA has sited indoor air as one of the top 5 environmental risks.  Getting restful sleep is arguably the most important component of creating a wellness home.  A comfortable sleep environment will help you sleep more soundly and minimize interruptions in your sleep cycles, directly impacting  your health, improving the function of your immune system, and is linked to productivity and to weight management.

Find out how you can meet our Wellness Home Consultant, Sherri Danzig, who has been an expert in the wellness field for over 18 years.  Sherri offers a complimentary Lifestyle Evaluation, a consultation personalized to individual interests in order to enhance a total lifestyle of wellness

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