Over the past 16 months, the team at Hannah Solar has worked hard to bring the Haven Farm 100KW solar energy generating facility into operation.   Owned by the Grogan family, Brian & Hope Grogan had the foresight to invest in a renewable energy that would generate 148,000 kWh annually.  Hannah Solar and the Grogan family celebrated the first day of 30 years of operation yesterday, September 20th2010.   This farm was built using Schuco modules, Schletter ground mount and SMA inverters.

On hand for the celebration was Public Service Commissioner Lauren “Bubba” MacDonald, US Congressmen Phil Gingrey and his staff,, Michael Snow from the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and PSC candidate Tim Echols.  Hannah Solar President, Pete Marte, said, “This would not have happened without the support of these officials, both at a state and federal level and we hope to see even more sound incentive structures in the future for renewable energy projects.   We have been fortunate in having many supporters in the State, with State Senator Doug Stoner as a true champion on the hill – but we are realistic relative to the budget issues we face and feel that the Governors energy plan has the solution other states have adopted, rate payer funded production incentives, truly a win, win, win situation.  As ratepayers, we are covering the finance costs of the new nuclear power plant, why is it not fair that a similar structure could not be used for solar.   A dollar per ratepayer for solar or wind investment would put Georgia in a position to be a leader rather than a laggard.”


US Congressman Phil Gingrey made a brief speech, as did PSC Commissioner MacDonald. “Clean, reliable energy, this is the legacy I want to leave,” said Commissioner “Bubba” MacDonald.  Pete Marte noted, “We want to express our sincere appreciation for Bubba’s efforts and feel confident that the leadership of the PSC has been a tremendous moral boost to all in the solar industry, we know they are carrying water up-hill trying to provide a win-win situation for renewable energy in Georgia.”

This project was the benefactor of the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority (GEFA) rebate, in lieu of a tax credit, which was a direct result of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding coming to the state.  Haven Farm was one of a handful who was fortunate enough to be awarded one of these rebates.  The Federal 1603 Grant in lieu of a tax credit provides for 30% of the project cost to be reimbursed as a cash grant, which makes this much more attractive to a small business owner who may not be able to use such a large tax credit quickly.

Another piece of the puzzle that brought this project together was the purchase of the clean energy which is generated from the solar array by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), through its distribution partner, North Georgia EMC.  “Through this investment, the Grogan family has made this farm far more sustainable than it appears on the surface, this is not a ‘green’ comment from an environmental perspective, it is a ‘green’ comment from a financial security perspective” said Marte.  The solar farm is expected to generate electricity for at least 30 years, maybe more.



100KW Solar Array
Annual Kilowatt Hour Generation:  148,000 kWh x 30 years = 4,400,000 kWh lifetime
Annual Water Savings:  148,000 gallons x 30 years = 4,400,00 gal lifetime
Annual Revenue @ 22 cents per kWh = $32,560 x 30 years = $976,800
Annual Savings @ 10 cents per kWh + 14,800 x 30 years = $444,000


458 - Schuco Photovoltaic Monocrystaline Panels, 225 Watts each
12 - 8 KW SMA Inverters, Gird Tied, Single Phase
Schletter Gound Mount Solar Racking System

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