This past month, Southwest Atlanta neighborhoods will receive a new advocate for homeownership in their communities when The BeltLine Team debuts its "Committed to Communities" program in partnership with EpiCity. This unique, quarterly open house event will showcase homes, and allow neighborhoods to showcase themselves, in various stages of their transformation from abandoned homes to newly renovated jewels, including six EarthCraft certified houses.


Embracing the theme "Own it! Reclaiming our communities and our homes," The BeltLine Team and EpiCity encourage Southwest Atlanta neighbors to explore the opportunities to stabilize and strengthen their neighborhoods by reclaiming vacant homes, having family and friends become their neighbors, attracting commercial ventures that will lead to a more complete community, and investing in a home in an Atlanta BeltLine neighborhood.

The BeltLine Team in conjunction with Kaplan Asset Acquisitions Group, a private developer, EpiCity, and TREU (Transitional Real Estate in Underserved) Urban Markets, will launch the viewings with several homes on Oakhill Avenue in Adair Park. The open houses will include approximately 20 homes for sale on Allene Avenue, Brookline Street, DeSoto, Fairbanks, Everhart, Graham, Victory Drive, Hartford Avenue, and more. Each home boasts quality renovations and a steadfast commitment to true affordability, with prices ranging from $90,000 to $189,000, and eligibility for up to $45,000 in downpayment assistance.

In addition, The BeltLine Team is actively working with the Partnership for the Preservation of Pittsburgh (PPOP), who is leading the eco-friendly conversions into EarthCraft homes and offering up to $60,000 in downpayment assistance for qualified buyers.

"Without a doubt, the Atlanta BeltLine is adding value and appeal to neighborhoods around Atlanta," said Duckworth, founder of The BeltLine Team. "These historically rich and diverse communities of Southwest Atlanta are becoming a destination for urban pioneers who wish to live close to downtown while surrounding themselves with a small-town feel. The BeltLine Team?s goal is to strengthen pride and solidarity through home ownership."

According to Mangham, EpiCity is helping to revitalize theses beautiful areas along the BeltLine, working with The BeltLine Team, members of the community and neighborhood associations.

For more information about Committed to Communities, including event times and locations, please visit