In an effort to undo unemployment, Brandt Information Services, along with the U.S. Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), has established a Labor Market team to help states forecast future job growth in green industries and projects through the use of Green Job Surveys.

Green Job Surveys track trends in emerging and growing green job markets, making it the first step in creating Green specific jobs. The survey results allow states to identify what special skills are required for Green related jobs, classify Green employers, locate Green industry and occupational employment, as well as recognize needed Green focused training and university programs.

"The Green Job survey findings are helping clients determine where federal funds could and should be allocated within their states," said Richard Wise, president of Brandt Information Services. "We are thrilled to be armed with all the tools needed to help states employ their residents."

The Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation is among the five states currently partnering with Brandt Information Services to take positive steps in the right direction in order to locate green jobs. Additional states include Alabama, Alaska, Maine and Massachusetts.

"These surveys will help states understand what is to come in the Green job market," said Wise. "More and more companies are taking a step in the green direction and it's important that they are aware of what kinds of jobs will be available, and how to train their workforce accordingly."

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